• Absolutely. If you are just getting started our trainers will teach you right from the very basics. If you’re advanced, then dive straight in and add intelligent tracking to your workouts like never before
  • MAGIC is a dedicated strength training studio with a growing programme of classes tailored to your goals. For complete health, we are constantly adding HIIT, cardio, boxing, yoga and recovery sessions.
  • MAGIC's computer vision cameras and 3D sensors track your motion and analyse your form so you know instantly whether to go deeper in your squat or straighten up your back. You get on-screen visual cues and audio from your coach to show you how you can improve.
  • Yes, you have an all-inclusive membership of £29/month that gives your entire household complete access to on‐demand strength training, HIIT, cardio, boxing and recovery classes. Your membership comes with live, personal form feedback, in-depth performance tracking, and focused guidance from our coaches to make sure all your efforts translate to real progress. A 12 month membership with start only upon activation of the Magic Studio.
  • The Magic Studio mirror is 176 cm (height) x 62 cm (width) x 6cm (depth). It weighs around 40kg. You need around 6ft of clearance space in front of the mirror for effective camera tracking.
  • Yes the Magic Mirror is designed to be a beautiful home decor piece when switched off. The legs can be unscrewed and wall-mounted easily, or can be wall-leaning just like a floor mirror.
  • Once ordered you will receive a confirmation and shipping date. Our delivery partners will deliver and install the device for you.
  • The Magic Smartbells can be increased from 2kg to 32kg each giving you total weight resistance of 64kg. They increase in 2kg increments. They can be charged directly from the mirror’s USB ports or a regular plug.