We go the extra mile, so you can go the extra rep.

Free Delivery & Installation
We'll deliver and set up the mirror in a room of your choice.
Free Membership
No plans or monthly commitments, membership is FREE.
30 Day Risk Free Trial
If you're not satisfied, we'll pick up the mirror from your home, free of charge.

Everything you need to reach your goals

  • Personalisation Assessment

    Have your Mirror's programs and content tailored to your goals to lose weight, tone up or gain muscle.

  • Life size Personal Trainer

    See the hologram trainer appearing in ultra HD on the mirror, amazing life-like form.

  • Form Tracking Feedback

    Benefit from rep counting, form correction and weights guidance - powered by our custom ReflectAI® computer vision body tracking.

  • Form Quality Score

    Better than a human PT, our mirror gives you a numerical score into the quality of your form for every rep as you complete it

  • Reflective Mirror to see form

    Compare your form and position to the trainer as you see yourself reflected in the beautiful mirror.

  • Data Metrics

    Your Personalised dashboard tracks your Form Quality, Calories, Reps achieved, Class Score, Weight and Time so you'll always be on track.

  • Smart Dumbbells & Bench

    Get a full workout studio experience with the smart, low footprint 64kg dumbbell system and slick folding incline bench.

No Membership! Unmatched Value! No Membership! Unmatched Value! No Membership! Unmatched Value! No Membership! Unmatched Value!

Fit the Mirror beautifully into your life.

Personalise the mirror to fit seamlessly into home environment.

Wall Mount vs. Wall Lean

Fit the Mirror into your life as it comes with a detachable stand for the mirror to be wall-leaning, as well as a wall-mounting bracket to enable it to be mounted up.

Pair with the Mirror for maximum results

Folding Incline Bench

A compact aerobic bench enables you to adjust to 5 positions including flat, incline, decline and step. Easily folds down flat for storage.

The World’s Smartest Dumbbells

The patent-pending MAGIC Smart dumbbells replace an entire weight rack together totalling 2-64kg. Easily adjustable with a quick twist of the handle in 2kg increments.

Want to try MAGIC for yourself in person?

Demo the MAGIC Mirror and have your questions answers LIVE over video call OR in-person at Selfridges London.

  • Selfridges Selfridges, London

    Contact us to find out more about testing a MAGIC mirror in person at Smartech in Selfridges, London.

    Try Magic Mirror In Person
  • Virtual Demo via Video Call.

    Book a live video demo call with our team at the link below over Google Meet.

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  • Yes you can. Our mirror itself logs your weight each exercise and guides when to increase or decrease or maintain weight.

    You can also use your own bench or use a chair instead.

  • There is absolutely no membership which means it represents unbelievable value compared to other options out there.

    We push new content and new AI form tracking features every 2 weeks. No other cost for you!

  • You can have up to 5 User Accounts each with their own personalised dashboard and user metrics.

  • Yes, it's perfect for beginners as well as those more experienced. It allows users to learn and train safely and with world-class 1:1 guidance - powered by our proprietary ReflectAI® - advanced Computer Vision tracking technology.

  • There are currently a range of 4-week programmes composed of 3-4 workouts in each week. These are each led by a world-class athletes and personal trainers who teach their unique style and technique. Each workout is powered by ReflectAI™ which gives you live feedback, rep-counting and hyper-personalised form correction as you workout in real-time.
    There are also a range of 15 minute, 30 minute and 45 minute one-off high intensity classes if you want to just jump straight into a workout which cover HiiT, core, cardio and conditioning.

    In future we are introducing more sports coaching including football, golf, tennis, dance, boxing and yoga - with our celebrity athlete partners.

    In future we are introducing more sports coaching including football, golf, tennis, dance, boxing and yoga - with our celebrity athlete partners.

  • MAGIC has built its own proprietary RelfectAI® technology which is powered by computer vision - the same technology that is being developed for self-driving cars. The mirror has an invisible camera embedded which tracks your form using multi-feature body tracking. Our technology knows when you are doing it right and wrong, and will give you feedback and count your reps accordingly.
    There are currently more than 200 exercises which have AI tracking embedded.

  • There is a FREE membership in place at present. This gives you access to the full suite of content including programmes by world class athletes and one-off classes too. Content is updated regularly. The ReflectAI® personalised form-tracking technology is also included.

  • Yes. The Mirror comes with a detachable stand for the mirror to be wall-leaning as well as a wall-mounting bracket to enable both formats.
    In order for our camera technology to track effectively, it does not free-stand.

  • All MAGIC packages will be delivered free to your door and will need to be signed for.

  • Each Smart Dumbbell adjusts from 2kg to 32kg in 2kg increments with a quick twist of the handle. Both dumbbells would give a maximum of 64kg of resistance when used together. You can use your own dumbbells if you need to progress beyond 64KG.

  • Yes, there is a free 3 year warranty in which we will repair or replace in the event of damage on our part. Full policy is in the site footer.

  • For the ReflectAI® technology to work effectively, you will need only a minimum of 4 feet of clearance space in front of the mirror for it to track your body accurately.

  • Height: 150cm

    Width: 50cm

    Thickness: 4cm

    Weight: 19KG

  • 42cm length x 18cm width x 18cm height

    Handle length:

    Width: 3-4cm

  • 100cm length x 36cm height x 32cm width.

    Folded down, the height is just 20cm

  • Width: 32 inch UHD Display

    Touchscreen interface

    1920*1080 (16:9)

  • Wi-Fi

    Ethernet port

  • 1-Touch Power Button

    UK Plug

    Power Supply AC 100 - 240 V~ (+/-10 %), 50/60 Hz

    Max [W/h] 180W

  • Wide Angle Camera: HD Motion Tracking enabled


    Bluetooth enabled for headphones and speakers

    1 USB port

    Port for External Speaker

  • Speakers: 2 x 10w integrated Stereo Speakers