5 reasons why consistency is important when it comes to fitness
A Alice Lowe

5 reasons why consistency is important when it comes to fitness

Aug 13, 2023 · lifestyle · News

When it comes to fitness, being consistent is one of the most important things we can do to achieve our goals. Here at MAGIC, we have worked with our athlete trainers to create 4 week programmes, designed with consistency in mind. Here’s why.

  1. Results take time. As much as we’d all love to get stronger, or fitter, or lose body fat overnight, unfortunately these things don’t happen that quickly. By following a programme with specific goals in mind, and showing up week after week, your efforts will add up over time. 

  2. Consistency forms habits. All of your habits are grounded in consistency. You weren’t born with habits, and they certainly don’t come about by chance. All of your habits are rooted in your behaviours, accumulated over repeated instances. So the more you show up and do your workouts, the more they become part of your weekly or daily routines. 

  3. Your body needs to work toward adaptations. A lot of things happen in the body during exercise, and over time these reactions change the body to become stronger, grow, or run more efficiently. Being consistent with training increases the likelihood of seeing adaptations sooner; you’ll start to notice those weights feel a little lighter, and you’re a little less out of breath after those burpees. 

  4. DOMS. Need we say more. Ever got back to exercising after a break and found that you struggle to sit down the next day? Yep - that’s delayed onset muscle soreness. The good news is, consistent training has been shown to lead to a reduction in DOMS. So as your fitness improves and you train more, you’ll be less sore! 

  5. Finally, you’ll feel the benefits well beyond your workouts. Consistent training has been shown to lead to better sleep quality, increased energy levels, better concentration and happier moods. 

Struggling to get into a consistent routine? MAGIC is here to help. Our 4 week programmes are designed to keep you motivated, and help you reach your goals. Try MAGIC today with an exclusive £100 off using the code BLOG100

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